I will happily organize any space from attics, closets, and kitchen cabinets to garages, storage units, second homes, boats, etc. You name it and I will go for it.


Many of my clients apologize and ask me if their space is the worst space I had ever seen. Honestly, there is no worst. If you didn't have a situation, I wouldn't have a job. There is no space too dirty for me. I get right in and tackle. I will clean the space as I go. However, I am in no way a house cleaner. I just find that the space feels better if I clean it before I put things away in it.


I am very easy to work with and enjoy working with all personalities. There is always some story or anecdote that makes every experience worth while; regardless of the situation.

I love my work so much and have a great time with the puzzling and complexity of peoples' spaces.

We can work together or you can leave me to myself. I am self directed and very motivated. I work hard and have a high regard for integrity.


"Oh my gosh, Stella. thank you. The basement was getting worse and worse, and as a freelancer, I couldn't afford to get something nicer...thanks for all you did to make it better; I think of you every day (always "seeing" you in my little room organizations!) and you taught me so much. :-) "
Sarah- Seattle

"Thanks so much for a job well done yesterday. You did in 4 hours what would have taken me several days. My car is filled with stuff to be passed along to others.
If you ever need a reference, feel free to contact me.  I am a happy customer."


"Stella-Lee Anderson just helped us get our stuff organized.  We had been dreading cleaning out our garage and my office had been a mess for months.  Within 4 hours we had my office done (except for a stack of papers I personally need to go through) and our garage was organized. Stella, my wife and I all dove in and worked together on the garage and with Stella's help we were able to not only get it organized, but we did so without a lot of anxiety and fuss.  Stella has a remarkable eye and was able to help us quickly muscle through the clutter rather than be frustrated by it. 

I simply cannot say enough good things about Stella.  We actually hope to have her back to help us get our Kitchen organized -- but I wanted to spread the good word. "