"Oh my gosh, Stella. thank you. The basement was getting worse and worse, and as a freelancer, I couldn't afford to get something nicer...thanks for all you did to make it better; I think of you every day (always "seeing" you in my little room organizations!) and you taught me so much. :-) "​Sarah- Seattle

​"Thanks so much for a job well done yesterday. You did in 4 hours what would have taken me several days. My car is filled with stuff to be passed along to others.​If you ever need a reference, feel free to contact me. I am a happy customer."​Karen-Seattle

"Stella-Lee Anderson just helped us get our stuff organized. We had been dreading cleaning out our garage and my office had been a mess for months. Within 4 hours we had my office done (except for a stack of papers I personally need to go through) and our garage was organized. Stella, my wife and I all dove in and worked together on the garage and with Stella's help we were able to not only get it organized, but we did so without a lot of anxiety and fuss. Stella has a remarkable eye and was able to help us quickly muscle through the clutter rather than be frustrated by it. 
I simply cannot say enough good things about Stella. We actually hope to have her back to help us get our Kitchen organized -- but I wanted to spread the good word. "

Stella Anderson is a masterful organizer. She has organized my
home and office on several occasions and I could not be happier
with her services. Stella also makes sure our things get to places
where others are in need. Call Stella and free your space and mind!!
Sincerely Dave - HHI

"Stella has helped me on multiple organizing and cleaning projects. She approaches her work with creativity, sensitivity and fun. Stella has a great aesthetic sense and finds many creative ways to use what you already have to bring more organization and beauty to a space. I also really appreciate Stella=s care for the environment and consciousness around waste. She was able to re-purpose, recycle, or donate most of the stuff we cleaned out. You will not be disappointed when hiring Stella, she is responsible, trustworthy, and brings great care and humor to her work. She is an amazing human, both professionally and personally."
Holly- Portland, Oregon

"Nitty Gritty was over the top amazing when helping me organize my attic, garage, children's rooms; ultimately moving to a new house! Stella worked enthusiastically until the job was done. She helped me organize from one end of the house to the other. She was a blessing to our family! We are clutter free. Thank you Nitty Gritty"
Shannon - HHI

"I met Stella as an organizer 7 years ago when I was consolidating two homes into my primary home and needed help.
Stella was amazing sorting and placing everything where it belonged.
I was soon to learn that her skills did not stop with organizing.
She has prepared my home completely for dinner parties, served and cleaned up.
Stella has driven me to NY for the summer after packing the car and unpacking at my destination.
She helps me with my computer, writes my business letters and takes care of my handicapped dogs and even does planting.
For the last many years Stella has decorated my home in and out for Christmas and even does the take down and packing for the next year.
Stella is honest, reliable and efficient. She has tremendous energy accomplishing in one hour...what someone else would in two.
In fact, Stella is my greatest find."
Kathleen  - Bluffton

We have had the opportunity to work with Stella several times. She does an unbelievable job of getting everything organized in a timely efficient manner. Not only does she do the job well, she goes the extra step of disposing of items that are not wanted or needed. She is amazing at making the customer feel comfortable and at ease. We highly recommend Stella for any organizing job! She is top notch and professional. Julie Lynch & Debbie Wood - Charter One Realty"I'm a busy woman. My mom lives with me and I share a room with my five year old daughter; so you can imagine space is an issue. I have been trying to organize my home for years but constantly struggling with a feeling thant my stuff was overwhelming me. Although I never thought I would hire an organizer, I was truly intrigued when I met Stella. As we became friends I thought "I can get organized and support a friend".Stella spent an afternoon in my closet and what a difference. I was so moved by the change that I actually went out and bought myself a drill and did some renovations that I have put off for years. I was even able to move my office into my home. Stella has been a true blessing to me and my daughter. Thanks Stella for getting down to the Nitty Gritty with me.
Jennifer- HHI

Stella is amazing! One Christmas I needed help with decorating-taking down the boxes, putting up the tree, etc. I would not have been able to do it, if not for Stella. I highly recommend her for all your organizational needs. Plus, she's a pleasure to be around.
Vicki - HHI

I didn't know what I mess my bedrooms and closets were until Stella made some order out of them and I could see the difference. And her improvements have lasted. My winter clothes and summer clothes aren't in a big jumbled mess, my papers are organized, the belongings I don't use daily are stashed in a logical fashion, and my space is more usable. I'd definitely recommend Stella to anyone. Oh, and she way undercharges for her time.
Ayelet- Washington D.C.

So I have an amazing friend named Stella-Lee G. Anderson..... and she owns and operates the coolest service biz ever! NITTY GRITTY Organizing If you have a garage, storage unit, attic, hidden chamber or even a few junk drawers I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her service. She is currently running a great NEW YEAR SPECIAL:::: 3hours for $99. This girl is super focused and can accomplish great things in 3 hours. She recycles and donates everything to its proper place.
I have to say that my mental clarity is directly related to the organization of my personal space. I LOVE THE WAY I FEEL after a little NITTY GRITTY.
call Stella directly to set up a free consultation (843) 298-2280 — feeling good.
Kaitlen - HHI

I would recommend Stella in handling every aspect of my business and personal organizing. I have found her to be timely, efficient and will take on any task. Her ideas are invaluable. I have also found that she has a great ability to help save money while doing what one would consider no fun at all. 
Cam - Savannah

Nitty Gritty Organizing has been so helpful in transforming almost every room in our house. Stella is quick, efficient, innovative and thoughtful throughout the process.
Erin- Bluffton

Stella-Lee Anderson was extremely helpful to me in organizing my art studio space. She was careful to ask how I work
and early in the process had a sense of what I needed. She offered the option of working together or having her do the
organizing. I chose the former so that I would have a better sense of where things were. So I felt very much part of the process.
Stella had great ideas for saving room and bringing items together for a much more spacious and workable space. I would highly 
recommend her services. 
Mary HHI

We have hired Stella many times to house sit our dog when we have gone out of town. Our dog looks forward to her visits as though it’s a vacation for her. Stella emails and texts us pictures of her and our dog as she walks her on many adventures around town. 
We have been totally pleased with this service that Stella has provided and heartily endorse her if you are in need of dog or house sitting.
Joe N., Savannah

I was summoned to make an appearance at the dedication of an historic marker on Daufuskie Island, 14 miles from the nearest traffic light. As such functions generate a powerful thirst, I was attempting to quench mine at Marshside Momma's when I noticed a winsome lass at the other end of the bar. During introductions, I learned she was Stella Anderson, Professional Organizer. So I passed her the keys to a Savannah storage unit and said, "Here, honey, organize this."
It wasn't quite so simple but that was the gist of it. Stella hired labor, rented a truck, booked a barge and brought two loads of antique furniture to my new house on the island. A week later, I was moved in. All I had to do was give minor directions and cut a check.
She's wonderful.
---Roger Pinckney, author, Daufuskie Island, SC

"Thanks so much for a job well done yesterday. You did in 4 hours what would have taken me several days. My car is filled with stuff to be passed along to others.
If you ever need a reference, feel free to contact me. I am a happy customer."

" Y'all. I mean. I've been drowning in this house 🏠 since coming back from Hawaii. S"*t everywhere, the kids rooms are a mess, totally disheveled, you know the drill, I'm not alone. It's Fall before birthday/ holiday season... when my lovely little nuggets are going to get even more stuff! 
So I once again hired Stella-Lee G. Anderson who is a professional organizer. Unbelievable how incredibly efficient she was. The babies room is totally organized, closets cleaned out, toys all with a home, etc. I cannot recommend her enough. HIRE her." Heather- HHI